Friday, September 25, 2009

April. Seriously, April. Of 2009.

Okay, ladies and gents, here's april. I am actually feeling really quite proud of myself for having gotten this far before next year. Keep checking back because May, June, July and August will all be posted a few days after each other.

We went to the zoo several times in April. It's always fun to go with Jen's fam and Melissa's fam. I don't think Hudson and Sam care too much about the animals yet but it's so nice to get out and do something.

At the zoo
Handsome Hudson. :) Stellar Sam at the zoo

Mommy and Kate in front of the giraffes

Hudson't favorite part of the zoo, I think. On the carousel.

Jen, Grant, and Hudson at the elephant enclosure

Melissa and Kate

Feeding time at the zoo! :)

Now that is one cool chick.

I KNOW this is Kate's favorite part of the zoo.

Look at Hudson's grin!!

The first and only time I could ever get Kate to ride on the trunk of the big fake elephant. She was totally fine until the elephant made noise and blew water out of the holes in the spout.

There are always bits and pieces of each day that I wish I could catch in memory - camera, brain, video, whatever - and sometimes I get lucky enough that my little angel/devil child does whatever she's doing long enough for me to grab the camera. Man she's funny.
In her little white tutu which, up to this point, she had violently refused to try. All of a sudden one day she brought it out and asked for help putting it on. Over her ballerina pajamas. Heh.

We often go to dinner at Allans, Vise/Wests, and various Skene households and feel quite blessed to have family who admit to knowing us. At a dinner at the Allan house we decided to undress all the kids to see how they measured up to each other. Sam and Hudson, though five months apart, seemed very close in size. Sam is one big dude! Kate, however, refused to participate and simply mocked the non-walkers for not being able to run away. The boys, I have no doubt, will one day find revenge.
The Mocking

Could they possibly be that close to the same measurements? Yes. Oh yes.

So my parents went on a little trip and while they were gone, we decided it would be the ideal time to paint their bedroom. They already had all the supplies and we figured that was the best deal ever - painting a bedroom for 3 years of rent. When it comes right down to it though, painting a bedroom with a 2-year-old under foot seems to be about right for three years of rent.
Kate "helping". She actually did a pretty good job, for as far as she could reach...

This little detail roller was the perfect size for my little picasso.

In April Kate and I became activists. On behalf of the One foundation, we visited with the reps for Orrin Hatch to discuss continued support for debt relief of third-world countries in spite of economic difficulties. Naresh Kumar, present-day Ghandi, even brought a little One shirt just Kate's size. It was great. It felt good to get out and do something good.
This picture of the One committee of Salt Lake was posted on the official One website.

Easter is always fun, mostly for me it has been fun in the past because it meant warmer weather, but having a kid makes it a very different experience. Like all holidays, I sort of begin living it again through the eyes of my child. It's actually better than having holidays as a kid because I get to play Easter bunny/Santa and I get to be the kid, through Kate. Dying Easter eggs was fun. Kate had a ball trying to get the egg to stay on her little wire scoop thing. Most of the time she dropped it rather hard into the dye and several were cracked. :D
My little artist

Nick and LaRisse came to help decorate eggs

Savoring the goods


We went to Nick and LaRisse's condo because there was a family of baby ducks in the pond by their backdoor. It was fun to watch their mommy take care of them. Kate couldn't seem to get enough of tossing bread chunks to them. One of the other ducks in the pond got a little aggressive and scared her a bit.

The Duck Family

Throwing bread

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Playing Catch-up!

Well what can I say. Life is still as busy as life always is. Also I'm a slacker. So here's March, April, May, June, July, August, and part of September. :)

March first then.
The Zoo
We went to the zoo with a very pregnant Melissa, Jen, and Hudson. It was a little chilly when the wind came up but pretty warm for March!
Samuel Stalsberg
Melissa and Matt had their little baby boy, Samuel Ray in March. He was a big baby but very healthy and the whole family was very content. :)
Grant liked the gloves at the hospital. He tried to become a rooster with one.
I was in the kitchen one night and when I went to find Kate she was in the living room on the couch with books piled around her. So cute!
Being Lazy
Just a nice afternoon, chilling with my offspring.
Cabin Fever
We just needed to get out! Granted it was very chilly but it was nice to get out of the house after a long winter!
LaRisse's Birthday
Just a very cute picture of LaRisse and her nieces and nephew.
Kite Flying
We went to fly our huge new kite at Sugarhouse park. It was windy but not windy enough to get that sucker off the ground. Kate sure had fun though.
Kate got a neat little apron for her birthday and we decided to make cookies. Boy did she have fun! Flour everywhere!
My crazy-pants in her new little UofU cheerleader outfit. She sure was cute!