Tuesday, April 20, 2010

december. at least i'm almost in the right year.

December was a busy month! We went to Utah for a month and celebrated with our families. It was an exciting season for me this year because it's so fun to watch Kate finally understand well the concept of Santa, being good for Santa, and really get into the excitement of gift-giving and family fun. It's almost better than being a kid myself. It was wonderful to be around family again. I missed my cats but besides being a little matted and angry, they were in good shape when we returned.

This is Kate in her cute kitty outfit. It was from some friends of mine who saw it and thought of her. It fits her perfectly. She's little wild woman. :)
Christmas Morning. The pictures are a little out of order but I'm far too lazy to go back and download them all in the right order. So here's Christmas in reverse. We went to Jon's mom in the morning and his dad in the afternoon. Kate had fun seeing her cousins.

Kate was in charge of a gift for Hudson and gave him a little fire engine. Included was a personal demonstration from Kate. :D
My beautiful little girl

Jon teaching Kate to play ping pong.

My parent's house Christmas Morning. I love their house, it's so beautiful.
Christmas Eve was spent with my family. It was so good to see Nathan and Kim's family. Kate LOVES playing with her cousins. They opened gifts from each other and we ate a good dinner.

Kim and Ainsley
Pants opening her gift
Kate checking out her new tiger binoculars with LaRisse.
Grandpa being a grandpa
Maggie and Ninj watching the entertainment
The rest of the month was spent much as usual, watching Kate progress and grow. I got some news - I found I was pregnant. Kate had fun in the snow and was still working on potty-training.

Kate watching DVDs on the potty. Whatever it takes to get her on it!
Kate helping Grandpa shovel snow. She helpfully shoveled it off the grass onto the garden. Eventually Kate decided somehow that it would be easier to vacuum up the snow with her toy vacuum.
Typical mom, I can't get enough of seeing my beautiful little girl. She just looks like she belongs in some remote Alaskan village or something. :)
I took three tests to make sure I was pregnant. Technically I shouldn't have been able to know but somehow I knew before I took the tests. I guess I was just symptomatic REALLY early.