Tuesday, January 25, 2011

November. Sorry, I'm out of clever titles.

November was a short month. I mean, it was probably the same length as usual except for me. Time is just one big conspiracy, picking its victims however it chooses. Anyhow, it seems I didn't get the camera out very often but here are a few pics. Oddly enough, a lot of them are of Kate sleeping...
This is how divas sleep.I like how Kate's leg is sort of over Mia in this one and Mia doesn't seem to mind being squashed. Also that she's still in her coat. :D
She's just cute to watch in the car.
After playing with the Lentz's jumper, we had to get one for Asher. He just loves it. It's fun to watch him because he just gets so into it.You wouldn't believe the number of comments I get on this picture. "Jabba the Hut with those cheeks", "a little yoda", "may the force be with you, young one."