Friday, June 27, 2008

my birthday

yes, i realize this is chronologically quite out of order. oh well, deal with it. i didn't do much on my actual birthday. i made my own birthday cake (lemon ricotta) and went with mom and kate to dinner at the bombay house. we ate the cake afterwards and kate decided it was her duty to put all the candles back in the cake. :) what a great birthday.

we went down to provo a little after my actual birthday to celebrate with nathan's family. they made dinner and we had strawberry shortcake and mom made a wonderful lemon almond cake out of nigella's cookbook (i'm soooo proud!). grant, meghan and ainsley took it upon themselves to place the candles just right.
the entertainment for the evening was provided by the girls doing their fairy dances.

hair. in a manner of speaking.

So just to prove Kate does have hair. kind of. it took a little slicking to make it obvious enough for a picture. I just think this is funny.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

summer outings part I

We went up the canyon to roast some hot dogs and marshmallows one evening because of the nice weather. Everyone else in Salt Lake and beyond apparently had the same idea. It took awhile to find a spot but we finally did and had a good time trying to keep Kate from running down the hill into the river. She likes hot dogs. She really really likes the chocolate for s'mores.
Kate and I went to the zoo yet again (this will be ongoing through the summer so expect many more zoo picture installments) and had a good time looking at the penguins. Man she's cute in her little hat. It kind of depends on the time of day that we go, but animals are much more active in the evening. This time was late afternoon and it was the penguins who were active. Kate had a good time watching them swim, hide in their tire-toys, eat their fish, and waddle around in a big herd. She got a little upset when I tried to load her in her stroller again...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

kate's babydoll and chocolate addiction...

Kate has learned a few new signs, "baby" among them. When we went to the store, she spotted the babydolls and made her little baby sign. I got a doll stroller down for her and she placed one of the dolls in the stroller and started wheeling it around the store. so of course it came home with us. Kate is quite the little choc-a-holic. that gene definately came from me, sorry sweetie. She has found a liking for E.L.Fudge cookies but she pries them apart, licks out the chocolate, and leaves the cookie lying around. Sigh.

My favourite outfit of Kate's is definately her yellow dress. She just looks very cute in it.