Monday, February 16, 2009


So. december. What a busy month. Family parties, Christmas events, fun in the snow, visits to the light displays. So here we go.

Zoo Lights
Hogle Zoo has an event called Zoo Lights. It's a pretty cool show of lights. All the lights are set up as animals. I personally liked the tiger... It was rather bitterly cold but Kate had a blast. We took a turn on the carousel, of course, and Kate rode a zebra this time. There were so many cute little displays. Well worth the trip!
Riding the carousel Freezing!
Grandma and Kate enjoying the lights

Fun in the Snow
Though she seemed reticent at first to put on the snowpants and everything, she was pretty happy to be outside playing in the snow. She is so cute!

building a snowman
throwing snow!
man, she is so cute.
Visiting Santa
Kate was pretty good at saying "Santa", excited to see his picture, etc. but when it came to seeing him in person it was a different story... She was terrified of the old man. Not that I blame her really. He would be pretty scary to me if I were that little. So I had to sit next to Santa with her, and even that was pushing it...

Dinner at the Macaroni Grill
We had dinner at the Macaroni Grill with Nick, LaRisse, Grandpa and Grandma after visiting Santa. We had a great table right by the fireplace, and the food was wonderful.
Nick and LaRisse
Grandpa and Grandma

I wanted to take a picture of Kate with her reindeer antlers by the tree for a potential Christmas card (it never happened as you will all guess since no one got a card...). I got some pretty funny shots. My favorite is of Maggie, the cat, though.

Ho Ho
my little reindeer
Maggie. What a patient cat.
Christmas Eve
Nathan, Kim, and the kids came up to celebrate Christmas Eve with us. It was fun watching them open their gifts. Kate always has a blast with her cousins, especially when they are so excited. Kate got a cool new tea set from her cousins.
Grant being a lion?
Aunt Karen gave mom and dad a lamp like the one in the "Christmas Story" movie. It had a leg with fish-net tights and everything.Kate playing with her new tea setOne pooped-out Grant.
Christmas Morning
We opened gifts quickly at home Christmas morning before heading off to visit Grandma Vise and John. Kate got a little train from Grandpa and Grandma that she had tons of fun with. It was fun to watch her with her gifts. She seemed sort of dazed at the big pile for her. It was sort of hard to get her to open multiple presents because she just wanted to play with the ones she'd already opened.
Kate's new train
Kate with her cousin HudsonKate laying on her Aunt Melissa's pregnant belly
New Year's Eve
Nathan's family came up for New Year's Eve. They had a great time playing with Kate's new train. Meghan got a little worn-out pushing Ainsley and Kate around.

Friday, February 13, 2009


November was yet another month of busy nothings. And indeed all those nothings make quite a wonderful something; mommyhood. The weather turned cold, the Christmas spirit was in the air, and Crazy was as crazy as ever. So here we go:
Kate trying out her new winter gear. In her pajamas.
Kate's first haircut

Hair trimmings. Kate finally had enough hair to cut, sort of. I just trimmed off the wispy ends and it made it look a lot fuller.

My little disney princess

La petite artiste

La petite mess

La grande mess
Making gingerbread houses with aunt LaRisse

Kate's first cousin on her daddy's side was born this month. Little Hudson Grant Bay.
Playing rock band. what a cool chick.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Halloween at the zoo
So we took Kate to the Halloween at the Zoo event. It was PACKED. But it was still fun. And luckily it was still quite warm. We saw the animals and walked around to the various sponsers handing out candy, and of course, went on the carousel. My little Tinkerbell was quite adorable...

On the carousel

Garden After Dark
Red Butte Garden has an event every year called "Garden After Dark". It's a lot of fun, they prepare the gardens with lights and various events, like story telling, karioke, and games. The kids' favorite thing of course is getting their little maps stamped at each station and then redeeming their maps for a prize. This year it was a shrubbery. :) An actual shrub. Rad. My favorite part is, of course, the black light path. Hence the very scary picture of yours truly.

LaRisse face painting

oooooo scary.

Trick or Treating - Halloween Night

Trick or treating is always fun because Nathan, Kim, and the kids come up to trick or treat here. It's incredibly entertaining, some of the kids are scared of everything, some of nothing. Quite interesting.

The little darlings: Tinkerbell, Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, and Fighter Pilot. What a bunch of little dolls!

my pumpkins. i'm so proud. :)

my dad's favorite halloween decoration

LaRisse's costume

Nick's costume. Ahem.