Monday, May 2, 2011

le fevrier

Jon always complains that he's never in any pictures with the kids so for Valentines Day I gave him his wish. It's not that I avoid taking pictures of all of them together, it's just that I am often induced to pull out the camera when they are on their own. They are usually the most funny when they are doing whatever antics they manage to get into without parental guidance... Anywho, here's Jon's picture. They all look quite dapper in red.
Pants loves to make pancakes, almost more than she likes to eat them. Almost. She was learning to flip them recently and actually did a pretty good job.

Little man loves his bouncer and tries to make it fly. He just bounces and yells at the top of his lungs. Best baby purchase for the little!

Kate had her 4th birthday in February. She is all about princesses now, especially Sleeping Beauty. She requested a princess cake and I asked what that meant and showed her pictures of various cakes I found online. She finally decided on a Sleeping Beauty cake (go figure) and because we had so many people over I made a castle cake as well. She had a great birthday and had so many good friends come over to celebrate with her. She woke up to find a little play kitchen in the living room and got a big-kid bike later that night and even a princess crown pinata. It was a great party.

Post-party mayhem and Kate's new play kitchen Kate opening gifts from her friends, Olivia (left) and Melanie (right).

Kate trying out her new bike in our 2-foot kitchen.

Kate's Castle Cake. I was totally dyslexic with the "4" candle and had to reflect the picture to make it look right, by the way. It was a long day.

Kate's Sleeping Beauty Cake. Yay for edible gold!

Kate's favorite family ever (and one that she has often threatened to defect to) of course came over to celebrate. Little man just ADORES Jamie.

Asher tried solids for the first time this month. He hated them. Not that I blame him, that cereal is pretty tasteless I think, but he wouldn't eat the fruits or veggies I gave him later either. He's just addicted to mommy's milk I guess. Kate tried to help get him to eat too but he just sucked in his little lips and pursed them closed as tight as possible and if he accidentally opened his mouth wide enough for us to sneak in a bite he just blew it right back at us. Sigh.

I love the look of distaste on his face.

"Mommy thinks I'm awesome". Very cool bib. Very true.

Messy! Look at those little pursed lips.

Again, you can just see every thought written on his face and for some reason it seems to be in a foreign accent of poshness. "You disgust me, you vile bite of cereal. I don't think so."