Tuesday, March 16, 2010

plugging away! here's november.

The beginning of November we were still in Utah and had a dinner with Janet and John, and the rest of Jon's family. We got some great Halloween shots. Kate loves being around her family.
A new cup-holder for Matt...
Tinkerbell, Scottish style.
Wait Hudson!! I think this is hilarious, Hudson just CANNOT sit still for a few seconds... Plus Sam in the background apparently in complete protest. Heh heh. :)
Reasonably well-sat picture I guess. Hudson is still in revolt...
Grandma and Grandpa with the little fairy-child.
I just have a huge thing for our Scottish heritage and Kate looks so cute in everything.
Crazy pants getting a little fun in before the snow flies...
My friend Lisa. Can't visit Utah and not visit darling Lis!
We celebrated Thanksgiving in New York. Brian drove up from Philly and my mom and dad flew in from Utah. It was so much fun to have everyone there. Dinner was a little stressful but it's so rewarding to see everyone enjoying it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


October was a fun month. There always seems to be a lot to do with Halloween plus we got to go back to Utah for a week. Here's some stuff we did in Liverpool and Salt Lake.

Abbott Farms is a farm quite close to our home that has a fall festival thing around halloween that was fun for Kate especially. They also make their own fudge from products from the farm - their own cream, raspberries, butter, maple, etc. It's some of the best I've ever tasted. The farm had a hay ride, pumpkin patch, corn maze, animals, a little pond, a big bouncy slide, a ball house, and various farm things like watching cider being made from the apple orchards.

The bouncy slide
Kate picking out her pumpkin
She's just very pretty. I'm a tad biased, I suppose. :)
We didn't go through much of the corn maze because it was getting close to naptime and Kate was getting cranky. This thing is a root from the corn stalks they pulled to make the maze. It took us forever to go through a few feet because Kate had to step on all these roots. She called them spiders.

Cutest pig on the farm.
Animals with hats?
She's eight feet tall in personality.

We went to the Syracuse Zoo when it started to get cold. The leaves were turning and there was hardly anybody there but the weather doesn't stop Kate from doing what she wants. :)

Heh heh heh. That's my little vampire penguin.

We went to Utah at the end of the month to spend Halloween with the Utah fam. We had lots of fun there. We trick-or-treated, went to the zoo, went to the Garden After Dark with Nathan's family, and had fun seeing everyone again.

Kate back in her favorite place - the carousel at the Hogle zoo.
Melissa and Kate helping cousin Hudson down the hill.
Jen and Hudson
Alicia and Hudson
It seemed like we had a lot to do in Utah - lots of friends and family to visit especially - but it was nice just to chill out sometimes.

So cute!

This one is actually in New York. Kate walks around without pants most of the time in an effort to improve potty training. She formed an attachment to the honey bottle shaped like a bear.
With Aunt LaRisse

Garden After Dark is a neat thing Red Butte Gardens does every year at Halloween. Some years are better than others and this year was really good. Nathan's family came up to go with us. Kate was SOO excited to see her cousins! They did a walk through the gardens, make potions, made broomsticks, painted pumpkins, saw fortune tellers, saw a real owl, heard a story-teller, and did some face painting.

Little Red Riding Hood, a fighter jet pilot, and Little Bo PeepMaking potions. They provided little glass vials to wear around the neck and gave them lavendar, calendula petals, pine needles, juniper berries, and rose hips to combine into "potions" in their little vials.
Kate on her homemade broom. It's an especially long one but she seemed to ride it like a real pro.
The four cutest kids ever.

Trick-or-treating was fun though sort of short-lived due to the small attention span and easily worn out little body of my two-year-old. But she had a blast and made quite a haul.

My little tinkerbell Grandpa and Kate hitting the houses