Tuesday, June 8, 2010

April part 2. I'm so proud.

So this half of April includes Watkins Glen Gorge, a beautiful hike about an hour and a half away from Syracuse. The hike is actually only about 1.5 miles but it took forever since Kate walked the whole way and I waddled the whole way. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day. There are tons of waterfalls all the way up the path. There are a lot of stairs and despite the shortness of the hike we were puffing when we got to the top. The light made the water beautiful and I also took massive quantities of time taking pictures. To get to the hike we traveled through a bunch of vineyards (beautiful) and the town of Watkins Glen (quaint). My favorite was a vineyard called "Pompous Jackass" with a picture of a donkey. Tell me how you really feel. :) If you can, I recommend clicking on the pictures to view them larger. It's worth it.
Light on the water
Although you can kind of tell the height, not even a picture can give the impression that being there in person does. It's quite deep and narrow.
Pants waiting for her very slow mother.

One of the prettier falls
I just love how the water carves these beautiful lines in the rock over so much time.

There were a few little caves as well along the path.

Mommy and Kate
I include this one because you can tell the vastness of the view. Note the tiny people in the center.

Crazy pants with her tiger binoculars.

Kate with her daddy
There were a lot of bridges as well.

Nathan had a birthday celebration while we were in Utah. Kate is always excited to see her cousins and I'm always excited to see my Provo-ite family. :)
Nathan's flaming cake
The kids "helping" take the candles out (and testing the cake)
Handsome Grant
LaRisse and the girls in their beautiful Easter dresses
The Lentz family had a whole bunch of local families to their house for a huge egg hunt. Kate had a wonderful time (as always when she's with the Lentz fam) and did pretty well with the egg hunt. Her hair is getting very long in these pictures. It's right before I cut it. She's a beauty with any style. :)
On the hunt
Kate's haul