Thursday, September 1, 2011

april come she will. and did about five months ago.

April, I realize, is far earlier than the current month, but it can't be helped I suppose. It was quite a busy month and I had my camera along for much of the ride.

Easter. It was a good holiday. Kate just gets funnier every year. She loved dying the eggs, finding the eggs, rehiding the eggs, and finding them again. Asher loved the bits of candy he was allowed and loved the bits of candy he discovered on the floor even more. He dyed his whole face blue with one or two candies. Impressive.

Mommy with her bunny and her bug.

Me and my boy

Bunny lady. Peace. Or issuing commands, I'm not sure which.

The bug.

Asher finding an Easter egg.

Little man eating his egg. Without peeling it.Daddy with the bunny and bug.Yay, bunny found an egg!Fancy eating her Easter candy.Some of the eggs, our tribute to the U of U and to King Daddy. Kate, Little Man, Queen Mum
Here's just some bits and pieces of the kiddos. Asher is adorable, fatty little cheeks and all. Though I'm a tad biased. And my fancy pants is, well, fancy. :)

Little man, just chillin.

Little man eating his teether.Kate watching tv. No, seriously.One day we had the biggest hailstones I have ever seen. The only way to accurately describe it is by comparing it to a golf ball... Kate went to a couple princess parties at the local YMCA. She had a great time dressing like Princess Aurora, playing with other princesses, and doing princess crafts.
Ah, what can I say? Kate, clearly bored one morning, decided to dance with her umbrella. I only included one picture but the series is quite hilarious. Note she is still in her nightgown. And just for the insatiably curious, the show Psych is on in the background.Bath time is always an adventure, usually quite a wet one. Asher has discovered splashing to a spectacular degree and not one to be taken lightly. Or without towels. Man he's a cute kid. I'd love to include some of the cute pictures of Kate but I think she'd kill me later for making very public pictures of her taking a bath...These are just a series of snapshots that I played with in Photoshop. I love that program. They turned out well I think and I love them.

This is my little starlet. My goodness, she is really a diva. But at least she doesn't mind if I take pictures of her and she even poses often. And when I say pose, I mean POSE. Like she's been observing models, though I don't know where she would have picked that up. Yes, I am scared and nervous for the teenage years...

Kate liked to go to a little playgroup on Friday mornings. One of the moms also taught a little dance class at the beginning and they gave a little performance for us. It was a lot of fun to watch Kate fly around the stage. She loves to dance.

One of Kate's very best friends is named Hope and lived pretty close. She and Hope often asked to play with each other and had such a great time. I loved it too because Hannah, Hope's mom, is a really cool chick and it was great to have her over often.

Hope's brother, Kyle. We love him too. :)Mother's Day was just an absolutely beautiful day. My kids even agreed to pose for a picture with me. Oh Asher. He gets more and more crazy every day. Eating is not a great pleasure but at least he is giving it more of a chance. He definately likes certain foods more than others. I think this one is carrots... His great joy is to THROW his food.

A family that lived near us wanted me to take pictures of them so I took advantage of the occasion and took some pictures of the kids. They are so beautiful! I love the place we went to take them too, very urban.

Kate had an awesome experience with her Joyschool friends. It was hard to feel like I could teach the kids well but it was so much fun to watch them play. The boys are named Calvin and William Mortensen (Kate's favorite boys ever) and Bridget Miller (who Kate just adores).

Kate and Bridget playing ballCalvin and William playing with umbrellasWilliam just chilling, I guessThe cutie girlsBridget looks like she belongs on the cover of a Beatles album.PlaytimeThe lessons this week were about imagination. Kate was pretending to be Little Bo Peep. :D Not bad...Poor Calvin, I had no boy clothes to dress up in, but he took it in stride and played right along in the girl hat. What a sport!

The Lentz family moved to Utah this month and we went to their house to say goodbye. Asher and Kate had a great time. Asher played with Kiplyn and Kate played with the Lentz kids and the Mortensens who also came over.

I'm not sure if Kiplyn is trying to kiss Ash or eat him...Sorry to interupt...
Playing around in the completely empty basement

You didn't hear that!
The greatest dog in the world, Cocoa Lentz.

The little sister I never had, Jamie Lentz

We went to a fair at the YMCA one day in April. It was a lot of fun and Kate got to have her face painted like a butterfly. What a great place the YMCA was for us!

Jon's school, Le Moyne, has done a PA 5k fundraising run each April since we have been there and this time we borrowed a jogging stroller from my awesome friend Summer Potter and took the kids along. I was huffing and puffing but Jon was fine, even pushing the stroller. Ah well, at least I wasn't hugely pregnant this time and Jon got to carry Ash. :)