Wednesday, May 21, 2008

kate's fishes

so when kate got sick last month I took her to the doctor. she couldn't find anything wrong and suggested it might be a UTI. in order to find out, she needed to get a clean urine sample so little kate had to be cathed. Poor kate! it was horrible to watch and i'm sure wasn't fun for her. afterwards we went to the pet store and bought her some fishes. the doctor had some in the office and kate just wanted to sit and watch them. she started to say "fsh". needless to say, not all the fish have survived but we have a few that are hanging on...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

first zoo of the summer...

kate had her first outing to the zoo this summer. she has a season pass so we can go whenever we want. i've found it's best with the season pass because then when we can go whenever we want for just an hour or two. that works well with Red Butte Garden as well. love that place!
kate kept woofing at everything. that's the first animal sound she's gotten a firm grip on. it's something to assume an elephant woofs, i must say.
she loved the giraffes, elephants, and penguins. the big kitties actually moved about as it was evening and not afternoon... it was pretty cool to see them wander about. the place was practically empty as closing time was nearing. it was wonderful - like kate had her own private zoo. :)

playgrounds and chicken fights

While my all-too-smart little bro Brian is in town from Philadelphia Nathan's family have been coming up a lot to see him. Grandpa, grandma, uncle Brian, Nathan's kids, Kate, and I took a little walk after dinner one night. Kate valiantly tried to keep up with her cousins. Little ducks in a row...We stopped for a bit at the playground and had some fun on the slides and swings.
Of course there's my daughter who prefers the dump trucks...
On the way home the kids decided they needed to be put on some shoulders. Kate, who usually doesn't want to be up on shoulders, decided she would allow herself to be on my shoulders since her cousins were up there... uncle Brian was running with Meghan and Grant was upset that he was being beat in the race, so he insisted on switching to uncle Brian's shoulders. It didn't pay off though. Meghan and grandpa took home the grand prize. Grant wasn't too happy about it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

afternoon in the gardens

kate, grandma and i went to temple square to take some pictures of her in the beautiful gardens. the flowers were in full bloom! kate fell off a little ledge and grandma caught her with her leg (go grandma) but other than that she was absolutely lovely. she waved to the tourists like a little parade beauty queen, followed kids around, and tried to pick all the flowers. we had a grand time.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

doodads and such'n'such

april, as most other months, was full of many interesting moments. how could it be otherwise with a little fireball like kate after all. there was the day of chocolate... yes, she looks suspiciously like the bearded lady but it really is just chocolate.
this is the best bedhead i think i've ever seen, impressive given the very small quantity of hair she has.

kate has gotten significantly better with the cats over the past month; she has learned how to pet them and they, in turn, have stopped bolting at first sight of her. she especially likes maggie. the affection is not normally returned...