Sunday, May 11, 2008

playgrounds and chicken fights

While my all-too-smart little bro Brian is in town from Philadelphia Nathan's family have been coming up a lot to see him. Grandpa, grandma, uncle Brian, Nathan's kids, Kate, and I took a little walk after dinner one night. Kate valiantly tried to keep up with her cousins. Little ducks in a row...We stopped for a bit at the playground and had some fun on the slides and swings.
Of course there's my daughter who prefers the dump trucks...
On the way home the kids decided they needed to be put on some shoulders. Kate, who usually doesn't want to be up on shoulders, decided she would allow herself to be on my shoulders since her cousins were up there... uncle Brian was running with Meghan and Grant was upset that he was being beat in the race, so he insisted on switching to uncle Brian's shoulders. It didn't pay off though. Meghan and grandpa took home the grand prize. Grant wasn't too happy about it.

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