Thursday, November 5, 2009


July was a fun and hard month. We were moving to New York shortly so it was busy - packing, saying goodbyes, packing. Also packing. Did I mention packing? It wasn't too bad since most of our stuff was still in storage but the rest was mingled with my parents' stuff throughout the house. We went camping right before we moved too.

We had dinner at John and Janet's house for our last goodbyes to them before we left. It was fun to watch Kate be so affectionate with her family. She misses them!

Goodbyes: Alicia
She's my beautiful little girl!
Eating her greens! (I'm thrilled to have a daughter who likes veggies!!!)
Hudson the chick magnet
Kate's view of Alicia
Mommy and Kate

We've gone camping each summer with Nathan's family for the past few years. It's always fun to do things outdoors with kids because of the sheer excitement of possibility they seem to exude. The only part I could do without is sleeping in a bag with my daughter. She is a talker and a kicker. Besides that it was really fun to hike and cook, play games and chat with everyone. Nick and LaRissé were able to come up at night and eat dinner with us. LaRissé taught us a new song about brushing teeth and had the kids jigging for awhile. Viva tinfoil dinners!

On a hike with daddy's hat
Kate helping out by sweeping up the dirt.
The hike
The view from the trail
Ains in good hands
Kate looking over a bridge
Grandma and Ainsley (love Ainsley's sunglasses)
One of my favorite flowers - the thistle
At one with nature. :)

Climbing trees

So pretty!
Another view from the hike
Climbing trees like monkeys!
Bird watching?
I miss my mountains!
Tin foil s'mores. Mmmmm!
Hiking to the waterfall by our campsite
I'm still trying to figure out what Grant was thinking on this one...