Thursday, August 26, 2010

may. i'm hurrying...

Though everyone is clamoring for pictures of Asher, I have to do the blog stuff in order or I'll never go back and do earlier months and we did some really neat stuff so Asher's pics will come after I get this stuff done.

In May we went down to Philadelphia with my parents to see my brother Brian graduate from medical school, the smarty pants. I've never been to Philadelphia before though two of my brothers and sister-in-law lived there for many years so it was neat to see it. And Kate is becoming quite well-traveled though she may not remember anything later. We saw a lot of neat stuff in Philly. I'll explain as I go.
First, Brian's graduation. As far as graduations go, it was quite a good one. There was a man that gave quite an interesting speech on health care and where it's heading. Though Kate was bored I really found it interesting. I was pretty cranky - being quite large with pregnancy, the heat was not happy, and my hip was killing me - and not the best company but it was neat to see my little brother celebrate such a huge achievement.
Neath and crazy pants
Brian and my parents
We went to the most beautiful place on earth, located near Philly, called Longwood Gardens. If I had my own private Eden to create, it'd look something like this place. The most beautiful gardens of all kinds - forest-inspired, lakes, Italian cultured, herb, native plants, incredible architecture, greenhouses of exotics, children's gardens, and the greatest gift shop ever. I could get lost in there and happily never find my way out.

Kate and Jon rolling down a hillGrandma and Kate in front of one of my favorite gardens
Me and pants in front of a painted mural in the childrens' garden
The children's garden had a neat fountain like a dragon's mouth with little paintbrushes and a black tile wall. The kids could "paint" on the walls with the water. It was pretty neat.
There were gardens outside for kids too with little adirondack chairs, fountains to play in, and neat little mazes just for kids.

The coolest part, in my opinion, of the garden. This is a beautiful bell tower with a waterfall and a pond at the bottom. Just stunning, the pictures could never do it justice.
Kate loves maps...
Two lovely ladies...
We went around various sites of Philadelphia under the guide of Ninj and the parents. Though it's one of the highest crime rates in the world, the city of brotherly love has some cool stuff, like the LOVE sign.
Jon and Kate
Me and Brian
Love this statue of Ben. Kate was terrified of the statue at first and never really would touch it. She really loved Ben Franklin and talked about him through the whole trip. "Where's Ben Franklin's house? Are we going to see Ben Franklin?"
Kate and I chatting with Ben
Grandpa and Kate
Ninj having words with Ben
So Kate had my camera and shot some pictures. She does that a lot, but I thought it was just interesting to see what Kate was seeing...
How Kate see's mommy
How Kate sees Philly...
Kate being showered with attention
The Liberty Bell
Brian and Kate looking at the Liberty Bell
Meeting Ben Franklin. Kate wouldn't smile and Ben said she was just being authentic for the time. People never smiled in pictures.
We went to the Philadelphia zoo on our way out of town. It was a huge zoo and took most of the day. Kate got pretty cranky at the end of the day but she had a great day. They had little stations around the zoo to collect cards and she loved collecting all of the zoo cards.

Kate really wanted her picture taken with this polar bear. It was the only picture she asked to be taken of her. On the trolley back to the car. Just a funny picture.
The Philly zoo had a petting zoo and Kate groomed their goats.

Kate adores carousels!
Kate and daddy taking a ride on a swan boat
Kate and I with one hunk of a statue.
These are Galapagos turtles. Having studied biology for a long time I've heard all about these turtles and it was pretty thrilling to see them. They're huge. HUGE. It was neat to see the animals that led to such a big scientific theory.

Back in Liverpool we went to a picnic with the Lentzs and some other friends of theirs. It was a beautiful area and we took a little walk with Jamie and her friend. Kate loved the little bridge.
Jamie and Cayleigh
We went to the zoo again. I have to say it was pretty miserable for me - very pregnant, very hot and humid and very sticky. But nothing could keep Kate and I off the tiger, not even a huge belly.
Tiger riding