Thursday, November 11, 2010


October was one of the busier months, mostly because everything is busier with two kids. It was also a lot of fun. They are both growing so fast. Kate is now in 4T clothes and had to get a new coat because she's just shooting up. Asher is long but it's mostly torso so he wears six month tops and 0-6 month bottoms. The 6 month bottoms are too long but he needs a bigger waist... :) My little man! Kate is such a good big sister and loves to be with her little brother. She talks to him and wants him to sit by her. My beautiful little kids. I am the luckiest mommy ever to raise these two bright spots in a dark world.

We went to Abbott Farms again this fall for the festival. There was hardly anyone there so it wasn't as much fun as last year but it was nice to pick out a pumpkin and see the animals. Kate also got to go on the big blow-up slide, though she only wanted to go once.

The Pumpkin Patch
Me and pants picking out a pumpkin
She's just a pretty girl, even with too-long sleeves.
The big slide
I can't help but think Jon looks like those pictures in the airplane safety manuals of sliding out on the emergency slide...
A little taller this year!
We got two little farm animals this time, though the little man doesn't look to happy to be a cow.

A friend of mine gave me a bunch of clothes for Asher that she didn't need anymore and among them was this cute little camo outfit. I just love it. He looks adorable and seems to have his sister's photogenic qualities. He loves getting his picture taken because he likes looking at the light from the camera.

My little man
So handsome!

His hair seems unusually blond in this picture, probably just the flash washing him out. His hair is growing back in but I can't figure out what color it is. It has a touch of red in light, it seems blond sometimes and brown other times. I wouldn't call it blond, red, or brown though...

He's such a little charmer. He seems to have some sort of magnetism that just draws people to him.
The number of comments I get about his cheeks is extraordinary. "By the look of those cheeks they aren't starving YOU." "How does he hold his head up with those cheeks?" "Can I pinch those? Those are the cutest baby cheeks I've ever seen!"

One afternoon Kate, Asher, and I went to Abbott Farms to the corn maze with the Lentz family. She had a lot of fun, mostly because she was with her favorite people in New York, it was warm and sunny, and very muddy. Ah well, she broke in her new sneakers properly with a good amount of muck.

Mike collected this wad of "corn hair" from the corn maze and took turns with his siblings playing with it, using it as a wig, tossing it about, etc. Kate thought it was absolutely hilarious. When she got tired of walking, Mike carried her. What a nice guy!

Kate with Jamie and RachelMy kids are just funny. Kate lives up to her nickname - "crazy pants" or just "pants" for short. She's a nut. She says things that just crack me up. Love my little girl!
One day I asked her which Strawberry Shortcake friend she was. She replied "I'm not a Strawberry Shortcake friend, I'm just a care bear, a superhero, and a princess." Well alrighty then. She has princess gear, I made her a care bear shirt earlier, so when I saw this superwoman shirt I couldn't resist. :D
Perhaps the funniest bit of these pictures you can't see because she's just in her underwear - she doesn't like pants - and her poses just make me laugh. She's a little diva.

There's a railroad track by our house that I have admired on many occasions but I never have seemed to have time to go get some pictures there. I decided one day that the leaves wouldn't wait much longer and if I wanted any pics there I'd better get a move on. I took Kate along and she ended up being the focus more than the tracks and leaves. Go figure. :) I think my favorite view of these tracks is in a slight misty fog which happens once in awhile so next time it drops, I'm gonna have to whip out the camera to catch it.

I'm not really sure where this photogenic quality she has came from but she sure can carry off pictures well.The tracks
This little moose we accidentally shoplifted from the grocery store and had to go back and pay for it. It was worth it though, she adores it.
While I was taking pictures, Kate was collecting pretty leaves to send to family back home.

I just kept thinking Ralph Lauren would be calling for these pictures... the natural posing is just a kick.
Ah, my little pants.
Some of these are pretty cool in black and white but I decided to post them in color because everyone asks about the leaves here.

A few more shots from around the house and such.

Jon LOVES this.
For those of you that think it's all rosy to have a kid, here's a little reminder. Also a demonstration of the little drama queen emerging from this side of the country.

And the reason I still love her even with the newly acquired drama queen phase. She'll always be my funny little girl.

My dapper little man in his Sunday duds.
Kate in one of her favorite pasttimes - puddle jumping.
At the grocery store in her princess dress. She wanted everyone to see how beautiful she was and told me that she could turn everyone into princesses by touching them with her wand. :D
Can't tell you how hard I laughed at this one.
Mommy's new man indeed!
This is his sad face. Actually this is the face he makes seconds before the bottom lip pouts all the way out and he tells me how he really feels.
Kate in her new winter hat. She wore it out of the store.
One of my favorite onesies - "Probably the best baby in the world"
Kate and Ash The kiddos. Yes, he really is that big.
Kate at the doctor for vaccines and checkup.
Frosting cupcakes. I asked her if she wanted to make Halloween cupcakes and she replied yes and picked out pink cake and pink frosting. Very Halloweeny.

I think this is making pancakes, not sure. She loves to stir and she LOVES licking beaters.

There was a small incident one day and Asher ended up with a little scrape on his head but as it was on the head it bled quite a bit so he had to have a bandage. Unfortunately for him all we had were Hello Kitty bandages...
This is Asher and Kiplyn, the Lentz's baby girl. She was born two weeks before him. He's two pounds heavier.

Halloween was sort of uneventful this year. We went to a little ward party/trunk-or-treat which actually worked out better because Kate got to play games and spend most of the time inside. She bobbed for donuts, participated in a costume parade, and pinned the spider on the web. She had a great time as Sleeping Beauty. Little man was just starting to get sick so he wasn't a happy camper. I had to get pics of my little monkey after Halloween.

Monkey man He's just started eating his hands. Really seems to love them.

Geez he's cute.
The footies say "cheeky" "monkey"
My own little Sleeping Beauty. She sure is a princess!
Winning some prizes worthy of her royalty!