Tuesday, November 2, 2010


September was a tiring but fun month. My little man gets bigger every day and though I thought he had me completely entranced the first week, he just keeps on enchanting me. Kate loves being a big sister and is such a caring little girl. She has started a dance class and likes it (if she hasn't just woken from a nap) though adapting to being around kids and not having a parent holding her hand is hard for her, but she is doing great. Here's a few shots from the month.

Pants in her new ballet garb
And yet more posing...
A friend of mine gave me some boy's clothes she was finished with including a little onesie that said "born lucky". I just loved it so I put him in it and took some pictures. He couldn't get cuter. Though I'm sure on next month's update I'll say he's cuter still. He started smiling at the end of the month and is doing it more and more often. No, it's not gas this time, his eyes smile too.

Cute. Just cute.
Oh la la!

"I know I'm charming."

Happy little man
So handsome!!
I could hold my little man's hand forever...
Pinkies up. Time for tea?
Everything is so cute when it's this little I guess.

Absolutely LOVE the red in his hair! Granted, it all fell out... not sure what color it's coming in as...

My beautiful little kids. Could a mother get luckier?

Kate loves to hold her little brother. Until he poops. Then she tells me to take him off because "he's stinky".
So mad!
Sleeping Beauty. One day she told me that daddy interrupted her beauty sleep...
Sleeping handsome? He was so tired he fell asleep propped up on the couch.
She got enough beauty sleep apparently. She so funny. Note fudge the bunny also has the fancy duds on...
This is a pic of Kate's dance class at the YMCA. It's called creative movement and has 3-4 year old kids. There are two little boys in it and Kate refuses to hold their hand when they do a chain to skip around the room. I think it's Jon's fault because he keeps telling her she can't be friends with boys until she's 21. She took him seriously. In this picture she's the one with her arms up, about to do a somersault (though if you call it a somersault she'll tell you, "it's called a roll, silly.")
Aunt Melissa, Uncle Matt, and Cousin Sam sent a birthday gift for Asher and included a little something for Kate. She loves her pink bling purse with pet dog included. This picture is in the grocery store.
Aunt Essie sent Asher a birthday gift as well and Kate (though Essie included gifts for her) assumed responsibility in taking care of Asher's new bear...

I love her hair in this picture.
So beautiful, my kids.
The best part of this picture, I have to say, is Kate's face. So funny.
This is Kate and her "best friend" Hope. Hope is in our ward and lives fairly close. She's a little younger than Kate. They love to play princess together. They don't get to play very often but Kate is always asking to see her.
My dad came in to help us out for a week this month. It was wonderful to see him and to have the help. And of course Kate was THRILLED to have grandpa all to herself! I was grateful for all the housework he did... Thanks dad, I don't know many dads who'd do what you did for us!
My dad took Kate to the Carousel


Jen and Grant said...

Cute cute pics. The one with your Dad and Kate and Asher is super cute, but Ashers face is so so cute. It's kind of saying "You lookin at me?"

Spencer and Audrey said...

"Parts" are definitely cute when they are SO small. ... And even though he IS small, I can't get enough of those HUGE cheeks!!! LOVE IT!!

Alicia said...

Cute pictures Laura! I can't wait to meet little Asher next month! Hope you're doing well!!