Friday, February 13, 2009


November was yet another month of busy nothings. And indeed all those nothings make quite a wonderful something; mommyhood. The weather turned cold, the Christmas spirit was in the air, and Crazy was as crazy as ever. So here we go:
Kate trying out her new winter gear. In her pajamas.
Kate's first haircut

Hair trimmings. Kate finally had enough hair to cut, sort of. I just trimmed off the wispy ends and it made it look a lot fuller.

My little disney princess

La petite artiste

La petite mess

La grande mess
Making gingerbread houses with aunt LaRisse

Kate's first cousin on her daddy's side was born this month. Little Hudson Grant Bay.
Playing rock band. what a cool chick.

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Spencer and Audrey said...

Oh! Kate reminds me so much of my girls... the wispy little first hair cuts... the inner artist... even the exact same PJ's! What a cutie!