Sunday, June 15, 2008

kate's babydoll and chocolate addiction...

Kate has learned a few new signs, "baby" among them. When we went to the store, she spotted the babydolls and made her little baby sign. I got a doll stroller down for her and she placed one of the dolls in the stroller and started wheeling it around the store. so of course it came home with us. Kate is quite the little choc-a-holic. that gene definately came from me, sorry sweetie. She has found a liking for E.L.Fudge cookies but she pries them apart, licks out the chocolate, and leaves the cookie lying around. Sigh.

My favourite outfit of Kate's is definately her yellow dress. She just looks very cute in it.


Andrus Family said...

The yellow dress is adorable! I love that color. And the chocolate on the face picture is so cute - how fun!

Nick and LaRisse said...

Oh Kate. A woman after my own heart. If all I had to do was sneak around and find chocolate to eat I would! Tell her Aunt LaRisse will throw her a chocolate party when she gets there!