Monday, May 24, 2010

february. flyin by!

As always I'm posting about three months behind. Oh well. Kate celebrated her 3rd birthday in the company of a family that lives near us, the Lentzs. She loves them so it was fun for her to be with them. She had a tinkerbell cake and lots of presents sent from grandparents back home in Utah plus what she got from us.
Julie Lentz with Kate
Kate getting ready to blow out her candles. Tinkerbell is actually a candle but Kate flipped when I tried to "light tinkerbell on fire." So I got three little candles to blow out instead.
Kate was so thrilled with her gifts and it was almost as fun for her to recieve packages through the mail as to get them by hand. Grandma Skene gave her this little piggy bank. She spends most of the time putting the money in, taking it out, and putting it back in again. :)
In deciding to finally put the Christmas decor away we decided we needed a better storage box. Kate decided to make us of it before it began to get filled and took her little game laptop for a hideaway session.
This one requires some explanation. Jon had a lap desk on which to put his laptop. The cushiony part on the bottom was filled with little white balls of stuffing. There was a small hole in the cushion and while mommy fell asleep Kate decided to enlarge the hole. The result was a snowstorm within our living room. sigh. i've been finding those for all the months following.

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The Stalz's said...

I miss u guys! I'm so glad your only three months behind, It's important to let us see you(mostly kate)through your blog. I'd like to see some of you and Jon though. Love you.