Thursday, September 2, 2010

June. movin' right along!

I don't really have the great skills and deep thoughts that so very many people post in their blogs. I do this just for family and friends who can't see my darling little daughter and now son. i hope it still holds interest in just being an update of their lives.

June was busy and fun. Kate and I went to Utah for a visit and it really hit the spot for what we needed. My hip was killing me but over the two weeks we spent there it got better so it really WAS just what i needed. We had fun seeing everyone again, as always!

Nathan and his family were wonderful enough to come spend a lot of time with Kate and I. We went to the zoo, went swimming, went to Lagoon, and had a sleepover. Kate had a ball with her cousins and I had a ball watching Kate have so much fun.

The Hogle Zoo. Kate loves her maps! Grandma with the grandkids

Totally engrossed We had a dinner for Melissa's birthday at the Stalsbergs' house. Kate and her cousins Hudson and Sam had a great time in the paddling pool. Kate really didn't jump in like the boys did - she's pretty timid about stuff and asks for a lot of help - but she had fun watching them splash around so much. Then Grant gave them a ride in the wheelbarrow.

In the paddling pool

In the wheelbarrow

My family decided to have a little cookout at Moss Ledge one night. It was a beautiful evening and we had a good time playing games and eating our tinfoil dinners. Kate and Ainsley both fell and were not happy campers but they cheered up with s'mores.

Eating dinner and playing Mob Wars
Meghan enjoying s'mores
Ainsley enjoying s'mores
Kim. Nathan decided to take some pictures from random angles.
Brian and MaryAnne stoking the fire
Kate and Ainsley not allowing Grandpa to take a nap
Kate burning s'mores

We went to Lagoon with Nathan's family one day. It was really the first time Kate went that she could (and would) go on the kids rides. Last year she wouldn't get on any ride without me but this year she went on a whole bunch of rides with Grant, Meghan and Ainsley since I was quite pregnant and looked ready to blow.
Flying Ace Helicopter pilots
Grandma, Kate, and Ainsley
Ninj and G, homey style
Riding the train
One of the best rides at Lagoon - Rattlesnake Rapids. There is a section where one or two people in the raft get drenched but you don't know who until you get there. Brian shielded MaryAnne but Nathan got the brunt of the onslaught, I think.
Gliding like a whale (in and out of hotels - it's a song...)
On the dragonfly
Great job, coast guard
On the speedway
I'm still trying to figure out who this character is G and Kate are riding in... a mix between a penguin, a duck, and a bee?
On the Log Flume
Cute pic of LaRisse on the Log Flume!
Shades and their coolness teacher on the Log Flume
Another go at Rattlesnake Rapids. I don't know who got it bad that time, maybe LaRisse.

Kate and I went to the Gateway one day because it was a beautiful afternoon and Kate wanted to run through the fountains. She enjoyed it for about 10 minutes, then absolutely refused to do anything further because she was scared of the jets of water and probably of all the other kids too.
My crazy pants!

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LaRisse and Nick said...

that day at lagoon with all the kids was pretty fun! Thanks for posting all the pics :)