Monday, February 28, 2011


So I've been working on the kids' photo/journal books which hasn't left me much time to update the blog, but in reviewing all the notes I've taken over the past few months, I decided there should be a blog with all of the things Kate has said. I was crying because of laughing so hard. Enjoy!

* (playing rock band) "I’m a good music-er"
* (singing) "Mom-my smashed my finger-naiiiiilllll" after I hit her finger while playing the drums on rock band after she put her finger on the drum pad.
* Me: "You don’t like my singing?" Kate: "No. but I love you."
* Dad: "Goodnight baby cakes." Kate: "Goodnight daddy cakes."
* Kate: "Asher wasn’t happy in your belly because he couldn’t see me."
* Kate: "What is your doctor's name mommy?" Me: "Dr. Rosser." Kate: "Dr Rhinosser?"
* Asher: "da." Kate: "That means yes in French for babies. We have a French baby."
* Kate: "Daddy woke me from my beauty sleep."
* Kate: "Where are the missionaries going?" Me: "I don’t know sweetie." Kate: “I guess we’ll have to check the missionary map. I think we have one in the basement.”

* Me: "Kate, which strawberry shortcake friend are you?" Kate: "I'm not a strawberry shortcake friend, I'm just a princess, a carebear, and a superhero."
* Me: "Kate what do you want to watch?" Kate: "Muffins in space." (muppets in space)
* Kate: "If I marry a man named Beedlecreek then I’ll be Kate Beedlecreek."
* (in the tub with hands behind head) "Ah, this is the life."
* Kate: "Mommy, can I make Greenland in the tub?"
* Daddy: "The shelf is full of crap." Kate: "Mommy, the shelf is made of crap so we have to clean it up."
* Kate:(crying hysterically) "I don’t wanna go upstairs because there’s doors up there." Me: "Doors?" Kate: "The doors are gonna bonk me!"
* "Mommy, can I have a tower of oreos?"

* Kate: "I like some Santas, I don’t like other ones though."
* Kate: "Mommy, why do you have to vacuum?" Me: "Because there’s dirt on the floor." Kate: "I don’t see dirt, just black stuff." Me: "Yeah, that’s the dirt." Kate: "That’s not dirt, it’s kitty compost."
* Kate: "I’m a good sneezer."

* Kate: "Does this movie have Franken-Einstein?"
* Jon, in response to Kate’s opening a Christmas gift from Janet: “What do you say, sweetie?” Kate: “Hooray!”

* Kate: (in awe and surprise after taking her doll's clothes off) "Mommy, Sleeping Beauty has boobs."
* (After counting her $5 birthday money stack) Kate: "We love Ben Franklin, Jesus, and Abraham Lincoln."
* Kate: "Why do I have to get baptized?" Jon: "So we can live with Jesus in heaven." Kate: "Daddy, we aren't in Jesus's world, we're in New York."
* (On a windy day) Kate: “Hurry, we need to get inside before we blow up!”
*Jon: "Your name is Kate Sophia Allan." Kate: "I am NOT Quesadilla Allan!"


Sunny said...

Hilarous! I love the things kids say. :)

Jen and Grant said...

What in the heck? I love it. I'm laughing so hard. kitty compost, sleep beauty has boobs, we love Ben Franklin, Jesus, and Abraham Lincoln? This girl is hysterical

Scotty & Emily said...

That is HILL-arious!! That girl takes after her mama, I think... You're quite the clever chick yourself!! I'm glad you posted these!

Spencer and Audrey said...

HAHAHAHAHA!... "we aren't in Jesus' world... we're in New York!" HAHAHAHA!