Tuesday, February 19, 2008

kate's first birthday

kate turned one on the 8th of february. we went to the olive garden because pasta is her favorite and she had a ball. she learned how to use a straw!

we let her dive into a jello cake the next night and the evidence speaks for itself.

a week later we celebrated yet again with extended family and she got to dive into another cake, this time a yellow one with chocolate frosting.


Nick and LaRisse said...

Yay Kate!
Happy birthday! Nick and I miss you a lot. We will see you this summer!


You are so nice and so smart.

Andrus Family said...

I cannont believe she is 1 already!! Where did the time go? I'm sure it will be just as fast for me and Millie.

Andrus Family said...

I cannot believe she is 1 already! Time goes by so fast, and before I know it Millie's going to be Kate's age!