Wednesday, March 19, 2008

oy does time fly by

kate seems to be getting bigger though at each doctor appointment she remains in the 2% for weight though she's in the 71% for height. At her last appointment she squatted in her default position and the doctor stopped what she was saying and asked if Kate sat like that a lot. I said yes, all the time. She said, "Well no wonder she's not gaining weight, she's always in weight lifting training!" Indeed, she has hamstrings of steel!! We're trying to get her to gain a little more so she doesn't have to go through blood testing for lack of growth possiblities. The problem is that she immediately works off any calorie she just ate. She's SO busy all the time! And very very smart. I'm a little scared about that one.

Her cousins came up for a birthday party for grandma and they tried on little spiky hair things grandpa brought back after one of his trips. They all kind of look like the Simpsons.

Kate likes to run away after she gets out of the bath because she HATES getting dressed.

Kate decided to try the toilet paper out one day and trailed it down the hall with her. Daphne (our kitty) thought that was a new toy and chased the toilet paper.

Kate looks so adorable in almost everything but her little Scottish outfit is one of my favorites!

She loves taking walks, especially when we borrow the dog from next door to take with us. The dog likes it too. :)

This month I am going to start working another day each week on top of my grave and my day shift. It'll be hard to be without Kate for another day but I love being a tech and it's good to be able to get out of the house and talk to adults too. I've been thinking a lot lately about my brothers and sis-in-law in Philly and am so excited for them to be closer or at least to come visit!


Nick and LaRisse said...

very nice. Looking forward to pics from the big Easter Egg hunt!

Laura said...

That scottish outfit is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!