Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Feasters

Kate got a little Easter basket from the bunny. She had no hesitation in diving right in.

We dyed Easter eggs - well, Kate didn't seem very interested and mostly just wanted to toss the dyed eggs.
Kate got a new dress for Easter. Grandma Skene saw it at the store and had fits so that had to be the dress! She also tried out her new swing for the first time since the weather is warming up a little (okay, it did snow yesterday and more coming this weekend, but it WAS nice for a bit) and she seemed to have a pretty good time.

Nathan, Kim, Grant, Meghan, and Ainsley came up to feast with us but we had to get down to Easter hunt business first of course. Each egg had an initial on it of who was to find it so it was a little harder for the older kids. Grant's last egg was hidden in the sprinkler box and when someone mentioned there were spiders in there he quickly whipped his hand out. We said there weren't really spiders, it was alright but he wouldn't get it so Meghan got it out for him.

Kate dropped one of her eggs and realized there was candy inside. It was hard to get her to keep looking for them after that... Ainsley "helped" her gather the fallen candy. ;)

After dinner all the grandkids did the dishes. We've decided this should be a regular thing. Heh heh.


Nick and LaRisse said...

They are all dressed so nice! Did anyone get a tummy ache?

Andrus Family said...

I can't believe how big all of your nieces/nephew are getting!