Monday, March 31, 2008

a day in the life of a tropical storm

it's really no wonder to me that kate doesn't seem to gain much weight. she is non-stop from the time she gets up to the time she goes down. and going down is often a restless down...

she manages to imitate adults to an astonishing degree. i weighed myself the other morning so she tapped the scale with her foot, just like i did, got up on it, just like i did, and stared down at the number in disbelief, just like i did. heh heh. :) can't you just see her saying, "that can't be right..." She did seem quite proud of herself for gaining a little bit of weight. She's now 18.6 pounds. Go Kate!

there are a number of things she finds to play with on my desk. sunglasses for instance. the real tragedy of the thing is that everyone thinks i'm the one making the small hurricane of papers and such at the base of my desk...

the cats and kate have come to a hidden arrangement. they will open the bathroom door for her if she will pull the toilet paper down the hall for them to chase. symbiosis.

she likes making music and has actually achieved blowing, a somewhat elusive task for many kids. she puts it to good use. she cools her food, blows into kleenex (with her mouth, not her nose) and her favourite, playing my penny whistle. she's not quiet about it but it cracks everyone up to see her little one-man band marching around.

kate has some strange affinity for water. dinner time usually consists of her stirring someone's water glass until it looks like river water due to the things left on the fork from previous stirring. we decided to remedy the situation by giving her a bowl of her own in which to stir the many things ingredients picked up by her fork. she was quite pleased. obviously.

and that is a basic day in the life of tropical storm kate. what a nice day, laughed an awful lot. boy am i tired.


Nick and LaRisse said...

she has an arrangement with the kitties. That is hilarious

Andrus Family said...

She is totally a little person now, no more baby - where do they get all of their energy from? We move back in a month, so we'll have to set up lunch for us and the Grandmas soon!