Sunday, April 6, 2008

shades and parties

Kate got a pair of shades this week. What a cheese she is. She's getting pretty good about accepting them and even started putting them on herself. They are, granted, quite smudged by the time they make it on her face...

Kate has started to LOVE reading. Before she used to just like turning pages. She has insisted on reading stories before she goes to bed. I'm astonished every day about how smart she is. Almost as much as how fiery she is.

We went down to Provo to celebrate Nathan's birthday. We dined at the Brick Oven and then went to their house to eat cake. It's always entertaining to watch the four kids interact. Nathan and Kim's kids are so lively Kate mostly just stands in awe for awhile.

This time Meghan and Ainsley put on their tutus and started dancing around. They had another and put it on Kate so there were three little fairies prancing around.

Kate also loved playing the piano. Helped often by her cousins of course. She put the prerecorded Chopin etudes on and pretended she was playing. I'll admit it was a little weird seeing her playing and hearing beautiful etudes coming out of the same machine... maybe someday for real.

Nathan got the tent he wanted from his fam and mom and dad. Ainsley and Meghan helped him open all his gifts because they're nice that way. Heh.
Grant was in a wrestle-mania mood which didn't jive with his sis, so Grandpa obliged with some good wrestlin'. He decided to hide all the blankets and Grandma had to intercede to retrieve them.


Nick and LaRisse said...

very cute princesses amd look at all kate's teeth!

Andrus Family said...

Her little sunglasses are adorable!

Nick and LaRisse said...

I wish I would have been there for that party..they are so cute!!---LaRisse