Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Entire Month Of June In Three Short Posts.

boy have i been a slacker with the blogging. summer always seems busier than any other time of year even though i have no child on vacation from school. the world simply runs differently in summer i think. so i have to play serious catch-up with my june and july photos. so here's june.

kate and i went to visit my friend jenny and her two boys. we had
a grand ole time. jenny has better wit than anyone i know and kate loves other kids so it was a lot of fun.

kate has decided that reading the paper is a rather pleasant pasttime in her off-tornado hours. I think she finds the news a bit shocking sometimes. :)
kate loves gardening. i got her a little pair of gloves because she kept trying to put my own on. she liked trying them but they didn't stay on long. i got her a set of tools as well. those on the other hand have gotten some mighty good use. now i must teach her the difference between flowers and weeds...

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Jenny said...

Awww, that really was fun. When are we doing it again? :) Thanks for the comment about my "wit." You've jinxed me and now I can't think of anything funny to say. jk