Friday, August 1, 2008

The "I" list

Just a fun little nonsense thing. I'll do it for Kate first as most of her typing is still unreadable by most English-speakers, then I'll do it again for myself.

Kate's "I" list
i am: stubborn, beautiful, independant, charming, the light of mommy's life
i know: what i want
i want: what i want, when i want it
i have: everyone wrapped around my little finger
i wish: these silly adults could learn my language
i hate: bedtime, being put down, clothing
i miss: my binkie. all the time.
i fear: lots of stuff for a minute, then nothing at all.
i hear: lots of people telling me how pretty and smart i am.
i smell: chocolate, poopy diapers, or soap depending on the time of day.
i crave: chocolate
i search: for mommy
i regret: nothing, yet.
i love: chocolate, dogs, mommy, stories, binkies and the kitties
i care: about my family
i always: adored
i am not: ignored.
i sing: to "old macdonald" and hymns
i fight: yes please.
i make: beautiful pictures
i lose: binkies. and my temper.
i win: when grandpa's around
i never: think i'm wrong
i listen: to no one
i am scared: to go to sleep by myself
i need: my space. and then mommy's arms.
i am happy about: reading, chocolate, binkies, swimming, showers, and mommy
i tag: mommy

Laura's "I" list
i am: stubborn, smart and loyal
i know: enough to recognize my ignorance. :)
i want: to travel more, to help my daughter grow, and to go to graduate school
i have: a beautiful little daughter/best friend
i wish: travel was cheaper
i hate: that i can't forgive myself. and the extreme cold of getting out of the shower.
i miss: old friends
i fear: losing loved ones
i hear: kate's book mooing.
i smell: fear. hah hah, actually i smell burritos at the moment.
i crave: chocolate
i search: for knowledge
i regret: a lot of past decisions
i love: my daughter, traveling, photography, gardening, family, reading, and medicine
i care: for the well-being of friends and family
i always: show up late at least according to "conventional" time. ;)
i am not: who i want to be yet.
i sing: in my car. loudly.
i fight: too often
i write: lots of text messages
i lose: my temper. and my patience. and my keys.
i win: people's friendship and respect and a shocking lack of contests.
i never: want to be in cold water. brrrr!
i listen: very well when i want to
i am scared: to not accomplish things i can
i need: love
i am happy about: it not being winter!
i tag: YOU!

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Jenny said...

Wow, I really really hate getting out of the shower, too. I could stay in there all day if something or someone didn't immediately demand my attention as soon as I get IN...