Saturday, December 27, 2008


this month we did some fun stuff. we went camping with grandpa, grandma, and nathan's family. nathan and ainsley.


nathan's kids.

by the waterfall.

kate loved playing outdoors. the sleeping part could use some help and will be better next year i hope. she loved hiking too. it was fun to take her out and about during the day. she's such a nature girl it was so much fun to see her in her preferred environment. we even saw some wildlife. a big deer was eating by our campsite one morning and came almost within a few feet of me. we also watched a snake eat something. grant and meghan loved seeing the indian dyed figure in the rock cave. it was a lot of fun.
kate also started baking with me a lot more this month. she has discovered a new fondness for the fine art of stirring and cracking eggs. it's a lot messier but worth the fun!!

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Nick and LaRisse said...

yeah, she is growing up way too fast. she is such a bundle of love.