Saturday, December 27, 2008

the rest of july.

how sad. i am just finishing up july on the blog and it's almost the end of the year. well, i'll work as fast as i can and finish out the year. the rest of july was a whirlwind of swimming, zoo, playing with cousins, and hunting out every bit of chocolate kate could find. playing with kate and her cousin ainsley

swimming at the steiner gym pool

i have no idea what this is. green frosting from grandpa's birthday cake i think.

chocolate. chocolate chocolate chocolate. with a smile that large what else could be all over her face.

believe it or not, kate is eating broccoli and peas. she's a great veggie eater so far...

the zoo:

kate's favorite thing at the zoo is the carousel. she cries like the world is ending whenever we get off. luckily she has many distractions in the animals. her cousins joined her once for a visit this year.

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