Thursday, March 26, 2009


This month we made Valentines cards with Grant, Meghan, and Ainsley. They had fun. For awhile. You know, I'm not sure my own attention span ever passed that age...
Kate has always liked swimming. We went swimming at the indoor pool at the gym and a water aerobics class was going on. The instructor got on her handset and said she was the youngest ever in her class. :)
What a sweetie!!!

Here comes the shark!

Kate likes swimming in her bathtub as well. I just like molding her hair with shampoo when she lets me.

Wild and crazy hair!!!

Kate's birthday was this month and we had a ball celebrating it. Lots of people from both families came to have dinner and cake with us. Kate loved her gifts. She got new toys and books, clothes and videos. I think most of all she liked the attention of all her family. At least until the pink elephant came in the door. She test-rode the elephant at Pottery Barns Kids when we were playing at Trolley Square. It was so funny to see her reaction. She started yelling in excitement. I've never seen anything like it. She was great with her cake - which took awhile to make, a safari in frosting - everyone sang and at the moment they finished, she blew out her candles. We all looked at each other in surprise, no one has ever taught her that...
Opening gifts
The pink elephant

Blowing bubbles

Blowing out candles

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Amie said...

Laura, your little girl is absolutely adorable. Love the pics!