Thursday, March 26, 2009


It always seems the month after Christmas is somewhat dull. This year held up to that norm well. We just sort of made it through the days and tried to get back to normalcy. Honestly I HATE taking down the Christmas tree, not because of the mess or work but because the house seems so empty without those extra twinkly lights and i am so light dependant. On that note I wasn't super thrilled about the news that we will be moving to the gloomiest city in the US, syracuse NY at the end of the summer for Jon to go to PA school. It's for the best though. i'll just have to buy a few extra lamps and lots of plants. maybe a greenhouse. :)

Pictures for this month are scarce, I was photoed out over Christmas I guess. Kate and I made Valentines cookies. She loves mixing and decorating them.

ma petite artiste
what a sweetie!

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Ann Marie said...

Oh my gosh! She's getting so big! She is so darling, I can see both of you in her. Just remember Sarycuse isn't forever.