Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Disneyland: a photographic study

Disneyland is just totally full of the most minute charming details.  I was inspired to try and capture that charm on film.  I don't know that I really succeeded but I had a great time trying.

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David said...

Favorite: disneyland036.jpg (Mater's Junkyard Jamboree)

Ooh, that lighting! I've been a sucker for good lighting recently. The shine across the lettering... The hard hard darks and contrasts in the corners... My favorite.

...I'm not saying I can FIND or USE good lighting. I just appreciate it. :D

I've been "cheating" recently. I received a Flash Scoop ($30) last Christmas and have been using almost exclusively. I have an F/1.8 lens that can handle low light indoors, but the Flash Scoop just makes taking photos of children indoors so incredibly brain dead simple, and the photos look amazing. :-/ Oh, well. Maybe I'll be a real photographer some day. ;)

As for disneyland257.jpg (Cotton Candy), it made me laugh after reading about how much you enjoyed the cotton candy there. A pic of a yummy memory. ;)

What was your lens of choice for the trip?