Friday, September 6, 2013

Is it spring yet?


March is always very hard - it's on the edge of warmth, I know it's coming, but it's still too far away.  The weather did settle down enough for a trip to the zoo, albeit in coats.  I road my new bike a bit (and fell a bit), I got my camera out a bit more, and the kids had a ball at their cousin Sam's birthday party.

Asher decided that some things are just better without clothes - playing with his tools, for instance.

 Kate and Asher got to ride their cousin Sam's awesome car at the birthday party.  Kate even learned how to do a little archery.

My father-in-law and his wife wanted some pictures of the kids for their wall so I broke out the camera and took a few.  I was personally voting for the Darth Vadar photo...

 At the zoo.  Kate has found a good friend in a girl named Jill.  They have a great time together whatever they do and Asher loves tagging along.  It was cold but it's so good to get outside.

My three monkeys

Asher is scared to death of this elephant.  He flipped out a little when Kate decided to go see it and kept saying "she get hurt, it sneeze on her!" The elephant does indeed sneeze but only in the summer.

Oddly enough, the most interesting attraction at the zoo for the kids was a squirrel running around.  Maybe because it wasn't caged?

I took my new bike out for a spin on a day that was a little warmer.  I even had pants on but my knees show the damage that was done after falling off several times.  Clip shoes are pretty tricky at first!

 Kate fell asleep in the car so I put her on the couch.  When I got inside with the load of groceries, Maggie the cat was already in position on her lap.

My little fancy pants swinging on a warmish day

I'll do April next but it really needs its own post.  We went to California.  DISNEYLAND!

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David said...

I was thinking about you and your photography recently... Have you done anything special your camera or any shoots lately?

I think I was thinking about it because I realized I haven't done anything "artistic" in forever. Just children playing. :P

Also, I can't believe how BIG Asher looks! :-O He looks WAY different than the little baby I remember from Liverpool.