Wednesday, February 12, 2014

June (did I mention how much I love summer?)

We went camping in the beginning of June.  It was so very hot in the valley and even in the mountains it sweltered in the afternoon.  But it was still fun, mostly because of the kids. 
Asher loved the muddiness next to the stream.  Jon loved playing Candy Crush on his phone until it died.  Mommy loved watching the kids play.  Kate loved taking pictures of every leaf and flower.

When Asher finished burning his marshmallows he said, "Mommy, it done." 
Then he turned on his headlamp and followed the light around for a while.

  Kate graduated from Kindergarten in June.  She didn't seem to much care about the actual graduation but she loved the program and seeing her teacher one last time.

Kate is such a great artist.  Her class painted butterflies and acted out "The Hungry Caterpillar" story by Eric Carle.  Hers was the best.  :)

 Kate just absolutely LOVED her teacher, Ms. Eskeli.  I liked her a lot as well.  She took a lot of interest in each kid and Kate really felt that.  It's such a relief as a parent to see good teachers for your children.

 To start the summer off, Kate went to a week-long camp at Red Butte Garden.  It was an art-based program.  I was so very impressed with her work.  She really is a great artist and has a lot of natural talent.

I met a cool chick named Holly in spin class at the gym.  We became buddies and she asked me to join her group at the Color Me Rad 5k.  We totally got Rad.  It wasn't so much a "run" but it was fun. 

 I took the kids to Color Me Mine to paint things for Jon for Father's Day.  Asher made him a robot and Kate made him an awesome "Dad" mug.

 Kate and her best friend Jill played in the pool a bit.  When I asked Asher to turn around for the picture he said he was too busy.  When he had time he graciously turned around and smiled for the camera.

 Kate and Asher started swimming lessons.  Kate was so very nervous, but they both did awesome.  Asher, granted, had a hard time focusing on what the teacher was saying...  

So whenever I talk about not being able to sleep with Asher in the bed people roll their eyes.  I decided to prove it with a photo.  SEE WHAT I MEAN?  I sleep in a little ball at the bottom of the bed if Asher comes in the middle of the night.

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