Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sweet. July.

Goodness, am I ever behind.  Nonetheless I have some stellar pictures that just have to be put down for the generations.  Like Kate as a chipmunk.  And Asher taking a nap in a Costco shopping cart.

Kate went to her best friend Jill's birthday party at a cabin in the mountains and came home as a chipmunk.  I have very little to add to that.  It says volumes by itself.  

I guess everyone has their limits to wholesale shopping.

Kate and Asher went to their cousin Sam's house for a little pool time.  Gotta love zinc.

Asher decided to take vengeance on daddy for always cutting his toenails.  Unfortunately he didn't quite have the power to cut those monsters.

Asher decided to be very helpful and give grandpa a hand putting together a... something.

My very clever kids found that a stick horse could be almost real when put in rocker.  My kingdom for a horse, even a rocking stick horse.

Ah, to be a cat.  And to not be a vacuum.

Kate and I had a mommy daughter date.  We went to get pedicures, lunch, and pottery painting.  It was awesome.  Kate has the most ticklish feet in the city, apparently, and it took awhile to get her settled enough to paint her toenails.

What is summer without chilling at a park with your best friend?

Asher took a puppy nap.

Asher tried out a friend's skateboard and decided he NEEDED a skateboard.  Please, mommy, puh-leeeeeeze?

The kids got in swimming lessons.  And got some gnarly hair-dos.  

I distinctly remember Kate decorating herself like a tiger at about this age.  I'm trying to figure out if it's genetic or just a kid thing.

We went to visit daddy at work.  Kate most often looks fairly presentable but Asher went around most of the summer in his Lightning McQueen Mickey Mouse hat and his cars slippers.  And I love them both.

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