Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yay for May! I love May because of the weather mostly. More outside opportunities. My favorite time of year is that two weeks between spring and summer - not too hot yet but the chill of spring is gone. And all the pretty flowers start blooming.

At the zoo: It's so nice to have the zoo within a stone's throw, as they say. We got a season pass so we can enter at about 4:30 and just stroll around until 6:30 at closing. Everyone is leaving from the day-trips there so it's way less crowded. Plus the animals seem more active in that last hour and a half.
Kate watching the bears eat their watermelons

Crazy pants on the carousel
On "Kanga"

One Sunday evening after dinner at the Skene's we went on a little walk in the Bonneville Glen - it's right by my parents house - with Nathan's and Nick's families. It was just a lovely evening. Grant had a great time taking pictures with my camera too. Meghan, Ainsley, and Kate just liked looking at the plants and little bugs.
Some pretty benches in the glen

The glen entrance/exit

G and I
The walkers
Scoping out the local flora and fauna
My Birthday was nice. The weather was beautiful. I actually had two birthday celebrations, one the day of and one the weekend after with Nathan's family. Two cakes. :D
The girls painting some wooden crafts

Could she get any cuter!
The first birthday celebration. Kate just seems to like birthdays a lot.
Mommy blowing out candles with Kate

So very proud of herself!

Meghan is quite a wonderful little ballerina and we went down to Provo to see her ballet. It was so good! Meghan is a natural talent and it was so fun to watch her dance gracefully. It sort of seems like her personality is just that type - graceful, elegant, and fun. :)
The prima ballerina and her fam

We went to dinner at Janet and John's house one Sunday and the weather was beautiful! We got to go outside and play at the little playground by their house.
Alicia on the twisty slide
Hudson having a ball on the swing
Heh heh
Kate and her auntie
Man, she's cute.

Dinnertime is always an adventure with a two-year-old. Well, I guess everything is an adventure with a two-year-old.
Dinnertime for the rich and famous

We got Kate a little tricycle to ride around the driveway and daddy was teaching her how to ride but she gets really frustrated with the pedal thing. She'll get eventually and I think she understands what she has to do, she just doesn't want to push the pedals.
Learning to cycle

Brian's birthday was actually in April but since he wasn't in Salt Lake we celebrated it when he came in May. Afterwards we had a game night with Kim, Nathan, Jon, Brian, Nick, and LaRisse. The picture is showing the game "Settlers of Catan".
Ninj blowing out his candles on Nigella-style strawberry shortcake

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