Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fitness, continued...

I realize it has been quite some time since I last updated the blog.  The reason is, I suppose, because I'm around everyone I created the blog for in the first place.  When we moved to New York, I updated frequently so family in Utah could see what we were up to.  Now that we are back in Utah, it seems a little pointless.  I guess there might be some New Yorkers out there that might read the blog once in awhile though so for the one or two of you who might read, here you go.  :)

So.  I think the last stuff I posted was about my journey into fitness.  Since then I have continued in my journey and actually did my first sprint triathlon in the spring of this year, the Woman of Steel with my friend Sarah.  It was an awesome experience and one I hope to do again next year.


I never thought I would be one of those people who would do a triathlon of any length, simply because I didn't have the know-how or the equipment.  But the desire was there, and more importantly, the support.  Jon got me a road bike for Christmas and I have totally fallen in love with biking.  Every time I go for a ride I wonder, as my friend Sarah says, why I haven't been doing this my whole life.  It's exhilarating.  Now, I can't pretend it was all easy.  Getting used to clip shoes was difficult and I crashed (four or five times) my first ride out.  But it is all part of learning and fear never reaps rewards.  So, with the help of my friend, I got back on the bike after I had healed and headed out the door.  I've never looked back.  Riding in traffic does still scare me.  To be honest I hope it always does - road bikers need to be on the alert.  I have become addicted to riding up Emigration Canyon.  I am trying to get into a couple bike races on top of the triathlon stuff as well.  I love the sport.
The swimming was something I put off.  I loved running and was getting better at it.  I didn't want to stop doing it to start an entirely new sport and quite honestly I didn't like being in the pool.  I took swimming lessons when I was little but I haven't really done real swimming ever.  I was kind of forced into the pool because last fall I started having serious hip pain.  I had an MRI on both hips and it showed stress response in my upper femurs.  If I didn't stop running immediately they would fracture.  It required almost four months to heal and in that time I had to pick up a new sport.  Swimming it was.  So I got a cheapo swimming suit, goggles, cap and headed to the gym.  It was a long journey and I taught myself with the help of the internet and bits of advice here and there.  It has been almost a year since I started and I can now do flip turns, swim 750 meters without stopping, and a mile with a small break in between.  More importantly, I can honestly say I love to swim.
When I had recovered from the hip injury I went to a physical therapist to learn how to run correctly.  Bit by bit I have gotten back into running and have done a couple of 5k races.  I just have to increase distance or time very slowly.

Color Me Rad 5k with my friend Holly

R-U-N Events Trail Series 5k

R-U-N Trail Series 10k

5k Lavender Run in Mona, UT 
So what have I learned from all of this?  I suppose that the most important thing is that ANYONE in reasonably good health can do a sprint triathlon.  The biggest issue really is that it takes work.  If you want to do it, you have to work for it.  Most people, I think, are unwilling to put in the effort it takes to get there.  The funny thing is that it because it does take so much work people quit before they find out how fun it is.  The benefits are exponential.  I am healthier, I am a good example of physical fitness for my kids, I have a focus and goal for myself that is not about motherhood, and I have found my own power of body and mind.  I have also found that other people seem hopeful when I talk about my experiences, like they could also do it.  I love that I can inspire or influence others for the better.  That is the cherry on the top.  Athletes are happy because exercise feels so good but also because it does make you proud that you stepped out the door to work out when you really wanted to sit on the couch.  So.  Go find your sport and work at it.  You will never regret it.


Mellifluous Mommy said...

As one of the New York people you left behind: so glad you decided to update!! So amazed at your achievements: always excited to hear what new adventures you've been up to! :)

laura said...

Thanks Melissa! I miss you guys!! Kate still asks if robin still lives in New York and are we ever going to visit. Then I remind her we want to move out of grandma and grandpas house so she can have her own room. Maybe after that... :D