Friday, August 16, 2013

Just rollin' along.

My life continued...


My brother Brian was fortunate enough to marry the perfect woman for him, Emily.  The wedding was beautiful.  

Nathan took the opportunity to get a family photograph.  I made the pink capes and muffs for the girls in the wedding party.  It was so much fun to see all their faces as they put them on.  

Asher, of course, looked rather dashing in his duds.

I just love these two.

Daddy taking Kate for a whirl.

We are lucky enough to have an awesome brother-in-law named Joel who agreed to take our family pictures.  It had been awhile and we decided it was time.  We are pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

Emily got tickets for Kate, my mom, and I to go with them to see the Nutcracker Ballet.  Kate didn't have the greatest attention span but she did love it.  She said she would love it more if the dancers talked.

You can't talk about December without mentioning Christmas.  The kids met a few different Santas.  Asher, upon meeting one in the "workshop" asked for a big tiger and was very upset when Santa didn't produce it right then and there.

Asher received his huge tiger Christmas morning.  Santa always delivers.  :)

Kate got her beloved full size Ariel doll.

And mommy got the best gift of the bunch from daddy.  A new road bike!

To avoid the holiday lull we hit Discovery Gateway.  The kids love that place.  They can act in the theater, be firemen and postwomen, run a grocery store, and just run wild.

 The cousins came up to go sledding at Sugarhouse Park.  Asher scares me half to death because he isn't scared at all.  He fell a couple times and got run over a couple times.  He recovered pretty quickly.

December just wore Asher out.  He couldn't even sleep in normal positions.

He actually fell asleep with one sock on, playing with a motorcycle inside a bin, face smashed against the side.  I can't tell you how long I laughed at this one.


I hate winter.  I just really hate the cold and gray and wet everything.  I love sun and heat and summer.  Plus it's hard to be inside for six months of the year.  That being said, being a mom with such an aversion to playing in the cold mush is a little challenging.  Discovery Gateway is a winter life-saver.  The kids went multiple times during the dreariest days to ward off cabin fever.

Kate and her friend Jill being Postal Workers

Asher being a fireman

Asher the dragon terrorizing Kate the fairy in the theater.

One afternoon we went to Discovery Gateway and discovered my old friend Susanna Risser, nee Florence.  It was a wonderful surprise.  They had just moved back from California.  The really funny bit is about Kate and Susanna's son Van.  When we lived in New York I was looking at Susanna's blog and a picture of Van was on the screen.  Kate came up behind me and said, very sweetly, "Is that my future husband?" Inwardly of course I was cracking up and had to inform Susanna of her intentions to which she agreed if the parties involved were willing.  :)  This is the first picture of them together.  Later I asked Kate if she remembered the picture of Van and the conversation.  She didn't but liked him all the same in person.

Asher the KSL news anchor

Yet another reason I HATE winter is because of the horrible inversion in Salt Lake City.  I feel like I'm getting cancer just by breathing.  Plus every day is gray.  It's horrible.  So one day when we were above the inversion I decided to snap a shot of the blue sky to cheer me up when it gets yucky down below.

Nothing makes a mommy happier than kids who are playing together instead of fighting together.

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